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Get to know CEO Alan Ropes

VyFi CEO Alan Ropes and host Mark Ritter discuss security, compliance and lots more...

Securing Your Credit Union

Industry-Leading Information Security CUSO

Who is VYFI?

VYFI, LLC is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that specializes in conducting thorough audits and assessments of your current security landscape. We meticulously identify not just existing vulnerabilities but also potential penetration points that could pose threats down the road.

We are cutting-edge specialists in advanced security (penetration testing & vulnerability assessment), advisory (assessment & auditing), compliance (info sec program), as well as BCP/BCM services. We are completely independent with no allegiance to any vendor or product. VYFI provides unbiased assessments. That’s people helping people!

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Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

Advanced Security Services

Identifying and evaluating risks and potential threat vectors is crucial for an effective information security posture. Our expert analysts assess and audit (test) your network and application environments both Externally and Internally. We find your weakness before the bad actors can and provide your organization with an independent and unbiased assessment.

  • External Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test EVAPT – Quarterly
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test IVAPT – Annually
  • External Vulnerability Assessment
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment
  • Website Security Assessment
  • Web Application Testing
  • Wireless Security Assessment
  • Online Banking Assessment
  • Mobile Banking Application Assessment
  • Virtual Infrastructure Assessment
  • Social Engineering – Phishing (emails)
  • Social Engineering – Vishing (phone calls)
Assessment & Audit

Advisory Services

In today’s digital world, every organization has sensitive data to protect. Our Advisory Services offer valuable assessment and validation of the presence and effectiveness of controls in place within your institution. The activities help measure and evaluate your compliance with regulations and meeting member and regulator expectations. VYFI provides these services for credit union organizations of all sizes and complexities nationally.

  • Information Security Assessment/ISE – (SCUEP, Core, Core+) – Controls Based
  • ACET Review/Assessment
  • Risk Assessment (RA) – Threat Based (formerly known as ISRA)
  • Microsoft 365 Assessment
  • CIS Top 18 Controls Assessments
  • PCI Readiness Assessment
  • Physical Security Assessments (PSA)
  • Branch Controls Assessment (BCA)
  • Onsite Social Engineering
Information Security Program

Compliance Services

Credit Unions must adhere to ever increasing federal, state and industry regulations for information security. Our expert compliance analysts ensure seamless adherence to these laws. Our recommendations will increase your level of compliance and alignment to the required information security guidance relative policy and procedures.

  • Information Security Program Review
  • Information Security Program – Maintenance
  • Information Security Program – Full IS Program Policy and Procedures Development
  • FedLine Resilience and Security Assessment
  • Incident Response – Policy Development
  • Website Compliance Review/Assessment
  • Info Sec Training (Remote/Onsite)
Organizational Resiliency

Business Continuity Program (BCP) & Business Continuity Management (BCM) Services

Analysis, strategies, plans, and testing ensure resilience for your organization by putting proper governance and mitigations in place for recovery. Our expert analysts can assist in your BCP/BCM work by assisting your organization to determine requirements, create strategies and documentation, and maximize your Organizational Resiliency through testing.

  • Business Continuity – Strategy and Plan Development
  • Business Continuity – Program Gap Assessment
  • Business Continuity – Annual Maintenance (includes Tabletop)
  • Business Impact Assessment (BIA) (refresh or new)
  • Business Continuity – Risk Assessment (NFPA-1600 approach)
  • Incident Response Procedures
  • Business Continuity – Incident Response Tabletop Testing
  • Business Continuity – Tabletop Tests and Exercises

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