Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessments assess the security posture of your external and internal network and systems. All external IPs and active internal devices on the network are evaluated. Much more than just a vulnerability scan, our analysts will examine your information systems for implementation of industry best practices and perform a technical review to identify and report known vulnerabilities and configuration errors. We use manual, hands-on techniques to validate vulnerabilities and remove false positives. Our internal vulnerability assessment includes reviews of servers, boundary firewalls, virtual infrastructure, and wireless networks to help safeguard your systems and critical data.

Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability Scans are an excellent complement to a full vulnerability assessment to validate remediation efforts and uncover new vulnerabilities or configuration issues. Both external and internal scanning are offered. Internal scanning is performed through a virtual or physical machine installed on your network and is credentialed or non-credentialed per your preference. Critical vulnerabilities are immediately brought to your attention so that quick corrective action can be taken.